• How do leaders create and apply different ideas to improve, and innovate?

  • How can you learn, reflect, and leave a legacy?

  • How can you accelerate and scale to competitive edge results?

Marcia Daszko & Associates has consulted with executive teams for more than 25 years across all sectors (private companies to the Fortune 100 to global non-profits to education to the U.S. Navy.)  Accelerating healthy growth, rapid scaling, innovation, and optimal profitability are all essential outcomes.

What’s the DIFFERENTIATOR?  Why hire us?

  1. LEADERSHIP KNOWLEDGE!                                                                                                                                                                                       Marcia had world class mentors and teachers: Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Perry Gluckman were two mentors who taught Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK.)  It provides a theoretical foundation for leadership. It’s not buzzwords and management fads!

  2. GUIDANCE IN APPLICATION.                                                                                                                                                                              Marcia’s mentors taught her how to teach, consult, facilitate and coach so her client leaders could Apply their new knowledge.  And she doesn’t guide by telling.  She guides by asking questions so leaders and teams can self-discover their own natural leadership.

  3. LEARNING JOURNEY.                                                                                                                                                                                              Leaders transform their thinking—and it never ends!  Discovering this new leadership at age 25 or 55 has a profound impact on Marcia’s “students.”

Client's Comments

“What a difference I would have had in my career if I would have known how to lead!”

“Why didn’t I learn this in school?”

“My son isn’t learning this in his MBA program; now as I’m learning I’m teaching him—and these discussions have helped us form a deeper bond.”


We work with Leaders with Courage and Curiosity! 

What do you want to accomplish?

Are you getting the results you want?

If not, what do you need to learn that you do not know today?

We facilitate revolutionary Strategic Thinking (Learning/Working) sessions for leaders! You will Think and Plan and Experience like never before! Instead of doing the same old things and getting the same old results, we facilitate new learning that will transform you and your organization. The camaraderie explodes.  

As one CEO said smiling at the end of the executive off-site retreat, “What the hell just happened?”

Sign up for one of the most satisfying experiences in your career today!

Facilitating High Speed Rail group in Palo Alto, CA

Facilitating High Speed Rail group in Palo Alto, CA