Introducing Marcia Daszko's forthcoming book . . .

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Pivot, Disrupt, Transform: How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive is a mentally challenging journey for developing leaders.

What does it take for people to innovate their leadership? 

Author Marcia Daszko provokes new thinking in her book and presentations: Pivot, Disrupt, Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive. Leaders of the future can choose to develop their natural leadership. There is a fork in the road. Some people will choose fads and "best practices" and the "way we've always done it" and struggle and fail. Others will choose to think strategically, plan, adapt, anticipate, disrupt, and ask, "What if we . . .?" They will experience success beyond their wildest dreams.

In this creative book, read what:

  • Leaders must STOP ( fads) that lead to failure; and what 
  • Leaders must START (new thinking and actions); and 
  • How to TRANSFORM to achieve great relationships and collaboration, innovation, a competitive edge, and success.

What leaders are saying about this thought-provoking book . . .

"Marcia captures the essence of providing cutting edge leaders with the knowledge for application and immediate value. Those who seek a better way to create success across their enterprise by applying courage, understanding and purpose will find Marcia's messages of great value."

-Vice Admiral Kevin P. Green, US Navy; VP, IBM (Ret.)

"Full of counterintuitive advice, Marcia’s messages in Pivot, Disrupt, Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive, will shake up your thinking about what it takes to be a leader."

-Daniel Pink, Best selling author of DRIVE, TO SELL IS HUMAN and WHEN

"Marcia's presentation, "Pivot, Disrupt, Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive" is a very refreshing, provocative, and sometimes contrarian approach to leadership. Her story about transformation and disruption, is about recognizing and embracing change rather than ignoring and resisting. She challenged my thinking to develop a highly functioning and more modern business organization."

-Dave Zuchowski, President of Hyundai, 2007-2017