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Marcia Daszko: Speaker, Author, Advisor

Marcia Daszko: Speaker, Author, Advisor

Think and act differently . . . for new results and dreams
Never before experienced

Leaders are challenged in their organizations to:

  • Grow Bigger

  • Scale Faster

  • Accelerate Your Competitive Edge

  • Develop All of your People for a Healthy Culture

  • Be Efficient, Have Impact

  • Serve Customers Great Quality

  • Have Fun

Marcia is a life changer. Where will you find someone who:

  • engages you with her counter-intuitive questions;

  • opens your mind to different, bold, success-driven thinking in a safe environment;

  • flushes out risks and opportunities; monitors your interactions to avoid groupthink;

  • illustrates how to design plans and strategies for a relevant emerging future;

  • invites you to consider options for smarter choices and successful implementation;

  • teaches so that you discover, “I’ve never thought of that before.”

  • makes an impact so you can make a heroic difference in your life and organization.

Meeting challenges and pursuing opportunities doesn't happen by maintaining the "status quo."

  • Marcia is a powerful messenger and contrarian to the "status quo", "best practices", and management fads. She guides leaders to disrupt, pivot, adapt, and scale to capture new opportunities and their competitive edge.

  • Pivot, Disrupt, Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive (Marcia’s speech topic and forthcoming book) melds her powerful, revolutionary leadership messages and helps leaders choose a path to success. It’s all about the real leadership transformation!

Pivot, Disrupt, Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive suggests what leaders:

  • STOP doing

  • START thinking differently

  • TRANSFORM and APPLY for dynamic success

Marcia Daszko advises and inspires leaders to be even better than they knew they could be!

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Introducing the upcoming book by Marcia Daszko - Pivot Disrupt Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive is a fresh bold look at what it takes for people to lead so that their organizations (personal and professional) survive and thrive. What does it take for people to innovate their leadership?

"Full of counterintuitive advice, Marcia’s messages in Pivot, Disrupt, Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive, will shake up your thinking about what it takes to be a leader."

  • Daniel Pink, Best selling author of DRIVE, TO SELL IS HUMAN and WHEN

“Pivot, Disrupt, Transform is a refreshingly honest guide for leaders in today’s world. Marcia Daszko will not just shake up some of your long-held beliefs about leadership—she will also inspire your thinking and move you to positive action. This book is a life changer for organizations everywhere.”

  • Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and One Minute Mentoring

“Leaders’ choice: struggle and fail or succeed. “Pivot, Disrupt, Transform” provokes the strategic thinking needed to discover why some fail while others innovate and scale. Read it today and choose more wisely.”

  • Colonel Debra M. Lewis, USA Ret. West Point Pioneer, Positivity & Mental Toughness Expert Combat Commander, Harvard MBA

 “As the challenge of global competition accelerates, today’s leaders search for fresh and concrete approaches that motivate their markets and delight their employees. In Pivot, Disrupt, Transform Marcia Daszko provides a clear and much needed path that starts with knowledge and leads to enthusiastic commitment in work and genuine satisfaction through dramatically improved collaboration with customers, partners and employees.  Those who seek a better way to create success across their enterprise by applying courage, understanding and purpose will find Marcia’s book of great and immediate value.”

Vice Admiral Kevin P. Green, USN, VP of IBM (Ret.)


Marcia Daszko’s profound and provocative messages invigorate and inspire innovation in leadership and enterprises around the world.

Her inquisitive thinking based in deep leadership knowledge engages everyone to Think and re-examine their beliefs and actions and outcomes. Through her powerful messages in Pivot, Disrupt, Transform, How Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive, no one stays the same. New opportunities are endless.


Advising the C-suite, investors, and Boards creates a bold impact for leaders and organizations across all sectors who want to serve with the highest Quality and achieve a cutting edge position.


Working-Learning sessions are customized to be powerful, dynamic, and fun interactions. They deliver new levels of communication, planning, and leadership never before experienced.